Using Bio-Layer Interferometry for A Fast and High Precision Influenza Vaccine Potency Assay

A fast and accurate determination of vaccine titer during manufacturing is important in understanding vaccine development process performance, and for correctly scaling each process step.

The Single Radial Immunodiffusion (SRID) technique has been the most commonly used technique for vaccine titer determination. However, SRID is time consuming and generally exhibits poor precision. An alternative assay that can speed up the analysis process and provide accurate and precise potency data on different vaccine strains is therefore desirable.

The Octet® platform’s Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) technology combines the high-throughput characteristics of a 96-well or 384-well plate format with improvements in precision and reproducibility and is derived from a simpler and more direct vaccine/antigen–antibody binding measurement method. They provide process development groups with a robust and easy to use alternative to the SRID method. BLI reduces the assay time from days to just a few hours for a 96-well plate of samples.