Development of a High-Capacity MAb Capture Step Based on Cation-Exchange Chromatography

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story-4-aug-lrgWith new advances in expression vectors, the bioprocessing industry has seen a significant increase in antibody expression levels. To meet the demands of these increased titers, protein A chromatography columns need to be further scaled up in size and/or run in multiple cycles — with a consequent increase in buffer consumption, preparation, and storage. One way to address this problem is to develop other capture steps with high-capacity resins that can replace the protein A step.

This article outlines the methods and materials used to develop a high-capacity capture step using cation-exchange (CEX) chromatography to replace the existing protein A chromatography – making it possible to use existing chromatography hardware and eliminate increases in the buffer volume and holding tank size at existing manufacturing plants. Download the full article as a PDF below.

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