Planova BioEX: Leading the Next Generation of Virus Filters

This webcast features: Daniel Strauss, PhD, Principal Scientist, Research and Development group at Asahi Kasei Bioprocess America

Virus filtration is a critical unit operation in the manufacture of biotherapeutic products owing to its capability to remove a broad range of viruses. Selection of virus removal filters based on filterability and virus removal performance over a range of process conditions ensures predictable processes. The Planova™ BioEX filter shows high flux with minimal flux decay for some of the most challenging products and processes while also achieving excellent virus removal demonstrated by high logarithmic reduction values (LRV). With unrivaled product quality and backed by the deep technical support of Asahi Kasei Bioprocess, we invite process development and product manufacturing professionals to learn how our next generation virus filter can support predictable and efficient operations through consistent performance even in challenging processes.

The recorded webcast is no longer available at our website.

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