Transform Cell Expansion: Expand Outside the Hood

MYCAP CCX flask cap


This webcast features: Charles Meadows, Head of Product Management, Smart Consumables, Sartorius-Stedim Biotech

Cell Culture expansion from vial to seed bioreactor is done by passaging culture through successively larger Erlenmeyer shake flasks. Sampling, media feed, inoculation and transfers are done non-aseptically by unscrewing the cap in a biosafety cabinet (BSC). Contaminated expansions due to non-aseptic technique are abandoned costing time and materials.

Sartorius leveraged novel bottle closure manufacturing technology to create MYCAP® CCX. MYCAP® CCX combines tubing for aseptic fluid transfer and a specialized gas exchange cartridge for cell growth in the same closure. The cell expansion process is done without unscrewing or removing the cap and without having to go into the BSC. MYCAP® CCX aims to eliminate contamination risk, stream-line operations by avoiding BSC and bypass the need for wasteful back-up flasks.

Learn the development and validation story of MYCAP® CCX. Preview case studies revealing the cost benefit of MYCAP® CCX and learn about the MYCAP® CCX Validation Template which assists with validation study design, data analysis and change control.

Watch the recorded webcast below.

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