Your Shake Flask is not a Black Box Anymore! Online Measurements of Metabolic Activity Accelerate Your Bioprocess Development

PreSens-flaskThis webcast features: Dr. Gernot Thomas John, director of marketing and innovation at PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH

Shake Flasks are widely used for bioprocess development. The most widely measured parameter to determine the biomass is the optical density OD. Typically, this parameter is measured not continuously and offline.

Now PreSens is launching the new SFR vario. This compact device is placed underneath the shake flasks and measures 4 parameters online: pH, Oxygen, Oxygen consumption (OUR) and biomass.

Join GT as he shows the concept of the new device and the features and the application spectrum of the new system. Data is shown for cells (e.g. CHO) as well as microbial cultures like E. coli K12 and S. cerevisiae. The biomass sensor signal is correlated and calibrated with well–known measurement methods like OD600, cell dry weight (CDW) and cell concentration.

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